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Non-laser removal, also known as saline removal, is a method of removing pigment from skin cells using simple solutions rather than lasers. Saline removal actually removes ink from the body, whereas a method such as laser removal, breaks up the ink into smaller fragments and may push pigment deeper into the skin, only to then be processed by your lymphatic system.

  • Skin

    • Hydrate treatment area

    • Avoid spray tans prior to service as the solutions/gels could cause discoloration to your spray tan around treatment area

    • If applicable to area: No waxing, exfoliants or invasive skin treatments 2 weeks prior as solutions/gels may extend onto the surrounding skin and cause irritation

    • If applicable to area: Avoid UV exposure, laser light therapy or electrolysis for 2 weeks prior

    • If applicable to area: No retinol products 3-4 weeks prior

    • If applicable to area: No fillers 3-4 weeks prior

    • If applicable to area: No Botox injections 3-4 weeks

    • If applicable to area: Start oral antiviral treatment 1 week prior and continue 1 week post service if you've had a cold sore

    • If applicable to service: If prone to infections you may need preventative antibiotics, please check with your doctor

    • If applicable to service: Must be at least 6 months post-op with healed wounds

    • If applicable to service: Must be in remission and off all treatments for 6 months prior


    • Sleep well

    • Come hydrated & well fed

    • Wear loose, comfortable clothing

    • Bring food for longer appointment bookings

    • Avoid caffeine 24 hours prior

    • No alcohol 24 hours prior

    • No thinning medication 24 hours prior

    • No antibiotics 2 weeks prior to your appointment

    • Not suitable if pregnant or breastfeeding

    Failure to follow these rules will result in forfeiting the appointment, deposit & require full payment.

  • APPOINTMENT TIME: $200/hour 

    Each session takes about 1 hour. Depending on the size of the tattoo.

    • Please text photos to 480.957.3949. to be considered for scar camouflage. Once you’ve been approved and given a quote, you are eligible to book your appointment

    • Full payment due at booking, non-refundable

    • Reschedule Policy: $100 fee if rescheduled within 7 days

    • Cancellation Policy: Full balance due if canceled within 7 days

    • No Show Policy: Full balance due, non-refundable

  • Aftercare Instructions:

    • Keep area clean and open to air; avoid covering with bandages.

    • Clean with saline 3 - 4 times daily

    • Use clean sheets & towels, pat tattoo dry with paper towel

    • Avoid soaking treated area in water; shower carefully & pat dry

    • No swimming, saunas, hot tubs, tanning or exercise

    • Treat area with care; avoid activities that may cause issues

    • Let scabs fall off naturally to prevent scarring; avoid picking or scratching

    • After scabs fall off, apply Vitamin E Oil 3-4 times daily for at least 4 weeks

    Healing Process:

    • Allow 8 full weeks of healing before next session; patience required

    • Expect visible results in 2-5 sessions; number depends on pigment saturation and depth

    • Correction may involve color correcting or pigment removal

    • Results cannot be guaranteed; contact for questions or concerns

  • Daily

    · Keep area dry, avoid excessive cleaning

    · Keep area clean from any products not in aftercare

    · Avoid makeup, scratching, or picking at area until healed

    · Avoid stretching treated area

    · Cover tattoo from direct sunlight

    2 weeks

    · Limit hot showers to 5-8 minutes

    · Do not shave over/near treated area

    · No scented or tanning lotions

    · Avoid sweating, swimming, sauna and hot tubs

    · Avoid acne products, hydroxy acids, manual exfoliants, facials, threading and waxing

    6-8 weeks

    · Avoid UV exposure and laser light therapy for 6-8 weeks.


    · Apply thin layer of moisturizer 2-3 times daily for about a month.

    · Wait 6-8 weeks before your next appointment

    · Recommend touch-up appointments for achieve desired goals

    · Apply sunscreen (SPF 50 or greater) once healed

    · Avoid chemical exfoliants to treated area

    · Avoid any laser treatments near treated area

    · Signs of Infection: Seek medical attention for intense pain or worsening swelling.  Abnormal Symptoms: Pus, firm bumps, excessive bleeding. Fever or Sweats: Indicate possible infection.

    · Preventing Infection: Choose Hygienic Shop: Ensure licensing and cleanliness. Disclose Conditions: Inform the tattoo artist. Consult a Doctor: Especially if on medications like Accutane.


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