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You Are Youthful is a Permanent Art Studio with a focus in Fineline Tattoos and Permanent Makeup. Offering services for all your permanent beauty needs in multiple locations. Focusing on enhancing your natural beauty and NOT taking away from it. YRY, permanent done the right way.

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In 2019, Katz was introduced to the world of permanent makeup and quickly became a leader in her craft. She continues to expand her knowledge through top-rated education courses including Color Theory, Stroke Methodology, Science of Needles, Master Microblading with Live Model Courses, Powder Brows, Areola Restoration, Scar Camouflage, Saline Tattoo Removal, Stretch Mark Reduction and more.



Hey! I'm Katz, the Founder of "You Are Youthful", a Fineline Tattoo Studio in the heart of Arizona. Since 2019, my commitment to perfection fueled my mission to provide a tailored experience. Your tattoo, like you, is unique and I approach each session with that in mind. Why do I love what I do? For me, it's about the human connection and exploration of art. Translating your stories, dreams and experiences into meticulously detailed Fineline tattoos brings me indescribable joy. My purpose is to create a personalized tattoo experience while collaborating together.


Hey! I’m Cait, tattoo artist at You Are Youthful. For the past year and a half I have completely fallen in love with my passion for art all over again, in the form of tattooing. I grew up doodling every chance I got, but never expected I’d be able to turn it into my career and do what I love every day! My obsession with tattoos grew as I realized how expressive they can be for people and all the stories that might lie behind them. No matter if there’s meaning or not for what I’m tattooing, connecting with someone while giving them a piece of art they get to keep forever just adds to the beauty of it all. Now let’s give you a tattoo!

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