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Achieve flawlessly natural-looking eyebrows with our nano brow services. Our expert artists use advanced techniques to create hyper-realistic, fine hair strokes that blend seamlessly with your natural brows. Perfect for enhancing shape, fullness, and symmetry, nano brows offer a long-lasting, low-maintenance solution for perfect brows every day.

  • Skin

    • Hydrate treatment area

    • Avoid spray tans prior to service as the solutions/gels could cause discoloration to your spray tan around treatment area

    • If applicable to area: No waxing, exfoliants or invasive skin treatments 2 weeks prior as solutions/gels may extend onto the surrounding skin and cause irritation

    • If applicable to area: Avoid UV exposure, laser light therapy or electrolysis for 2 weeks prior

    • If applicable to area: No retinol products 3-4 weeks prior

    • If applicable to area: No fillers 3-4 weeks prior

    • If applicable to area: No Botox injections 3-4 weeks

    • If applicable to area: Start oral antiviral treatment 1 week prior and continue 1 week post service if you've had a cold sore

    • If applicable to service: If prone to infections you may need preventative antibiotics, please check with your doctor

    • If applicable to service: Must be at least 6 months post-op with healed wounds

    • If applicable to service: Must be in remission and off all treatments for 6 months prior


    • Sleep well

    • Come hydrated & well fed

    • Wear loose, comfortable clothing

    • Bring food for longer appointment bookings

    • Avoid caffeine 24 hours prior

    • No alcohol 24 hours prior

    • No thinning medication 24 hours prior

    • No antibiotics 2 weeks prior to your appointment

    • Not suitable if pregnant or breastfeeding

    Failure to follow these rules will result in forfeiting the appointment, deposit & require full payment.

  • Initial Appointment: $450

    Perfecting Appointment (6-8 weeks post Initial Appointment): $250 

    Touch Up's: $250

    • Full payment due at booking, non-refundable

    • Please text questions to 480.957.3949 with any questions before non-refundable payment

    • Reschedule Policy: $100 fee if rescheduled within 7 days, charged to card on file

    • Cancellation Policy: Full balance due if canceled within 7 days

    • No Show Policy: Full balance due, non-refundable

  • Day 1-14: 

    • Gently wash with lukewarm water 1-2 times per day with YRY Gentle Cleanser, avoid hot water to prevent ink leaching. Blot dry with a clean paper towel. 

    • 3-4 time per day blot with oil blotting sheets in and around the brows.

    • When tight, itchy or dry apply thin layer of YRY Healing Crème Moisturizer with clean hands to sooth irritation. 

    • Feel free to lightly brush brows into place with clean spooly after washing and drying with a light hand, but avoid patches of light flaking or scabs.

    What to Expect When Your Brows Are Healing

    Day 1: You love your new brows! The hair strokes will appear very natural looking. 

    Days 2-4: The color will begin to darken temporarily as the pigment oxidizes and light scabs form. 

    Days 5-14: Your brows will begin flaking. DO NOT pick at any scabs. Allow healing to shed naturally. At this time, it will appear that your hair strokes have nearly disappeared. This is only temporary as the new skin is still healing over each hair stroke. Over the next several weeks your brows will re-appear. 

    Days 14-28: Towards the end of your healing process you will notice the strokes reappearing. They will heal approximately 30% lighter than Day 1. 

    Days 28+: It’s time for your perfecting visit! At this time your brows are fully healed and it is recommended that you come back in to re-inforce any strokes that might have healed lighter than desired. 

    Once healed, remember to always apply full spectrum sunscreen to your brows when in the sun to avoid premature fading of treatment. 

    A complete healing cycle takes 4-12 weeks depending on age and your body regeneration.

  • Daily

    · Keep area dry, avoid excessive cleaning

    · Keep area clean from any products not in aftercare

    · Avoid makeup, scratching, or picking at area until healed

    · Avoid stretching treated area

    · Cover tattoo from direct sunlight

    2 weeks

    · Limit hot showers to 5-8 minutes

    · Do not shave over/near treated area

    · No scented or tanning lotions

    · Avoid sweating, swimming, sauna and hot tubs

    · Avoid acne products, hydroxy acids, manual exfoliants, facials, threading and waxing

    6-8 weeks

    · Avoid UV exposure and laser light therapy for 6-8 weeks.


    · Apply thin layer of moisturizer 2-3 times daily for about a month.

    · Tattoos typically last 1-3 years, depending on lifestyle, skin type, area and aftercare.

    · Additional makeup may be needed post-tattoo depending on area

    · Wait 6-8 weeks before your touch-up

    · Recommend annual touch-up appointments for maintaining desired goals

    · Apply sunscreen (SPF 50 or greater) once healed

    · Avoid chemical exfoliants to treated area

    · Avoid any laser treatments near treated area

    · Signs of Infection: Seek medical attention for intense pain or worsening swelling.  Abnormal Symptoms: Pus, firm bumps, excessive bleeding. Fever or Sweats: Indicate possible infection.

    · Preventing Infection: Choose Hygienic Shop: Ensure licensing and cleanliness. Disclose Conditions: Inform the tattoo artist. Consult a Doctor: Especially if on medications like Accutane.


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