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This treatment gives you even, full brows without any discomfort, all in under an hour. It's about achieving natural, fluffy brows without harsh lines. It's ideal for brows lacking symmetry or with hairs following different patterns. We brush the brows to follow the same growth direction, creating a soft, natural arch. It works for most skin types, but we always do a patch test to avoid any irritation.

  • Skin

    • Hydrate treatment area

    • Avoid spray tans prior to service as the solutions/gels could cause discoloration to your spray tan around treatment area

    • If applicable to area: No waxing, exfoliants or invasive skin treatments 2 weeks prior as solutions/gels may extend onto the surrounding skin and cause irritation

    • If applicable to area: Avoid UV exposure, laser light therapy or electrolysis for 2 weeks prior

    • If applicable to area: No retinol products 3-4 weeks prior

    • If applicable to area: No fillers 3-4 weeks prior

    • If applicable to area: No Botox injections 3-4 weeks

    • If applicable to area: Start oral antiviral treatment 1 week prior and continue 1 week post service if you've had a cold sore

    • If applicable to service: If prone to infections you may need preventative antibiotics, please check with your doctor

    • If applicable to service: Must be at least 6 months post-op with healed wounds

    • If applicable to service: Must be in remission and off all treatments for 6 months prior


    • Sleep well

    • Come hydrated & well fed

    • Wear loose, comfortable clothing

    • Bring food for longer appointment bookings

    • Avoid caffeine 24 hours prior

    • No alcohol 24 hours prior

    • No thinning medication 24 hours prior

    • No antibiotics 2 weeks prior to your appointment

    • Not suitable if pregnant or breastfeeding

    Failure to follow these rules will result in forfeiting the appointment, deposit & require full payment.

  • Brow Lamination: $129

    Brow Lamination with Tint: $139

    Brow Lamination & Lash Lift Combo: $170 

  • Not eligible for rescheduling or cancellations, appointment payment will be forfeited.

  • Once the treatment is complete, the brows will look very sleek with a wet look. This wet look lasts for 24 hours and once washed will remain fluffy. 

    Keep eyebrows brushed up until first washing to ensure the shape holds. If you want that glossy look, you can achieve it easily by applying a brow gel or serum after your first wash. 

    As with most semi-permanent treatments, there are certain things you should avoid post-treatment. Avoiding hot showers, anything with steam and exercise for 24 hours in order to keep them dry.  Wash around them on the face with a damp wash cloth, if needed.

    After the initial 24 hours, you can wet and cleanse the face with any of your favorite products, which wouldn’t disrupt the shape of the brow.



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