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Amanda Merkatz, now a renowned paramedical and permanent makeup artist, grew up loving all things art. She attended Art Basel fairs from a young age and began expanding her exposure to creative outlets through classes and conferences around the world.  Amanda was accepted into the Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences on a scholarship at just 13 years old, and has continued to bring her visions to life using a variety of mediums.  
In 2019, Amanda was introduced to the world of permanent makeup; quickly developing a knack and passion for it, she built up her clientele within record time and hasn't looked back. She continues to expand her knowledge through top-rated education courses, including; Color Theory, Stroke Methodology, Science of Needles, Master Microblading X2 with Live Model Courses, Powder Brows, Areola Restoration, Scar Camouflage, Saline Tattoo Removal, Stretch Mark Reduction and more.


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Brow Lamination on _jalenjouris__This Br
Got to Blade one of the Besties _devonhe

"I recently visited Amanda for a brow lamination service and WOW. Not only was the outcome better than I had expected, but Amanda is also the sweetest and makes sure she talks you through every step of the process so you're fully aware of what she is doing. Because of this service, I don't even need to fill in my eyebrows on a daily basis anymore. I'm in LOVE. She also offers microblading for brows so I will definitely be coming back!"

ialen | brow lamination

"Wow, talk about customer service! Amanda not only offers a great setting and comfy environment at You Are Youthful but also is very detailed in her explanation of what her services involve and how to get the best resumes. I went to Amanda for Microblading. She walked me through what would fit best for my face shape based on the "golden ratio" which amazing! She then showed me what my brows would look like - love this because it made me feel confident in her skills. The end result was better than ever expected and I will not trust anyone else with my brows! If you're thinking about Microblading or anything Amanda offers I highly suggest scheduling with her! She even gives a free touch up"

danielle | microblading and brow lamination

"Rarely do I ever make time to treat myself. I couldn't be more thankful that I did. Amanda new  exactly what my face needed based off one glance. Not only this, but she made my face feel and look smoother than it's ever been. I can physically feel my face soaking up the product. And by face I mean entire face, lips, and all. 1000% recommended. I will be back for basically anything and everything  beauty related.​"

chelsea | microblading

"Amanda did my makeup for my bridal shower and wedding, she is very precise. Always making sure I liked what she was doing before continuing. I can contour my face, but when she does it, it's next level!! Let's just say she knows how to slay a face! Couldn't recommend her more.​"

charnai | bridal makeup

"Finally have my brows done in a way that allows me to skip the Anastasia Beverly Hills powder.  Amanda covered me in a fuzzy blanket, had on the best music, and made sure I was comfortable the entire time.  Would recommend to anyone looking to get their brows done!"

devon | microblading